Saturday, 20 October 2012

Time Flies

It's hard to believe that as I write this both Claire and myself, as well as many others are literally counting down till our commissioning as Proclaimers of the Resurrection.  As of today we are 50 days from being commissioned as Salvation Army officers (ministers.)  Other than receiving Jesus as Lord and Saviour this is probably the biggest committment I will ever make.  I would be lying if I said I wasnt unsure and even terrified at times of what the future holds.

As I think over the past two years of my life I am in awe  of what God has done in my life and the lives of many around me.  The college experience is one that has taken me well out of my comfort zone on most days, and has been an experience that has not only been a challenge but also on many occasions a painful journey.  But God never said that pruning, shaping and growing would be easy.  I am of the opinion that if it doesn't hurt, it doesn't cost or it doesn't take you out of your comfort zone then it is highly likely that it is not of God.

If someone was to tell me 4 or 5 years ago that I was going to enter into training for full time ministry I probably would have laughed and certainly would have denied any sense of calling.  God however does have a sense of humour and although for years I have been running away from the innevitable here I am, right where God wants me.  It is amazing the journey that God will take you on if you only let him.  Am I up to officership?  I don't know.  A question that has been asked of all of us about to be commissioned is:  Do you feel ready for officership?  I think for me the answer is no.  If I was to be honest I dont ever want to be ready (or should I say feel ready.)  I don't think God ever wants me to feel ready, rather He wants me to feel assured that this is what He has called me to, and that it is by the power of the Holy Spirit that I will be equipped and ready to serve.  As a very good and special friend reminded me today,  God doesnt call the qualified, he qualifies the called.

As I enter into a new chapter of my life, and I anticipate the amazing things that God is about to do, I feel excited.  God said that we would not even believe the things He is about to do even if He were to show us (Habakkuk 1:5, Acts 13:41.)  That is exciting.  My prayer for all people is that when God calls, listen.  Notice I didnt say IF, I said WHEN.  The reality is God is always calling, always seeking out those who are willing to do what He has planned for them.  For me, I am glad that I have committed to what I have.  My natural response is to run, to flee from the stuff that is difficult.  I guess though if I had done that, I wouldnt be where I am now and I would have missed out on the blessings that God has poured out on me over the past two years.

To all my fellow Proclaimers, my mentors, friends and family I love you all and thank you for the endless support and prayers.  My prayer is that God will bless you all in the days, months and years ahead.

Where God asks you to go for Him He is also willing to equip.

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