Sunday, 31 March 2013

I just dont get it.

After an extremely busy week of worship services I have seen a lot off people in many different services this week.  The Easter period is certainly busy but in the middle of it all it is also an awesome time.  For the Christian it is probably the most important time within the Christian calendar, a time when we can celebrate and share the good news of the crucifixion and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In saying all this however, it continues to frustrate me as to how many Christians choose to not be in church over this period.  Why do we do it?? Why does the church shrink over this period that quite frankly, is the time when we should be filling our churches???  Yes it is a long weekend, yes it is a time when visitors come and visit.  Shouldn't this be the very time though when we should be encouraging our friends and family to come to church??

As I look at the world (and even some of our churches and church members) I begin to wonder where our priorities and loyalties actually lie.  We say we are onfire for Jesus, we say we care about his church, we say we care about the people we minister to, and then we don't even bother do go to church.  We find excuses for not being there and make other things a priority.

Maybe I am being over sensitive to this, maybe I am the one with the issue, I don't know.  When I gave my life to the service of God and I decided to follow him faithfully and serve the church under the title of leader, I was basically saying that God is my priority.  Yes family and friends are important but the reality is they won't save me.  When I die, the question will be, why didn't you do what you said you would do?  Why wasn't I your priority?  I think these days it is to convenient to just pull God out when we need him.  I wonder sometimes if for many, God really is the priority.
As Christians we need to be more than just head knowledge Christians.  We need to be true followers, true believers,  Christianity is not a part time faith, it's not something that we can choose to do only when it is convenient.  If God chose to operate this way then the world would be in serious trouble.

For me, I choose to give my all for Jesus and he is my priority.  If others choose something else that is ok, that is their choice but don't get disappointed if God chooses not to show up when we need him.  For those in a position of leadership, it's more than just a title.  As leaders we need to lead by example.  We cannot and should not expect others to commit 100% if we cannot be bothered ourselves.

Oh Lord, may we never put other STUFF ahead of You.  Lord may you always be our focus, may you always be at the center of everything we do.  May we always give the first of our time, our everything to you for your service and your glory.

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  1. Dave, you have echoed the very same thoughts of my heart this weekend!! I don't get it either! While I celebrate those who fully engaged with this Easter weekend, I lament the choice many Christians make to take the Easter weekend off when many of those who are not-yet-saved make this the one of two occassions to attend church. I dread to think what message we send to the seekers who visit during the most holy season on our calendar to find our churches half full!